International cooperation

The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency takes part in a number of international projects facilitated by the EU and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Cooperation between the Nordic countries 

The Nordic-Baltic eID Project (NOBID) is owned by the Nordic Council of Ministers and coordinated by the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency. The project is a cooperation between eight countries in the Nordic-Baltic region: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Its purpose is to coordinate  eID solutions from the different countries so that  online users can use  eIDs issued by their home country to identify themselves when using digital services from other countries.

Cooperation facilitated by the EU

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) − European digital services 

The EU programme Connection Europe Facility (CEF) is set up to create infrastructures that enable cross border transactions throughout Europe. The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency coordinates Norway's participation.

The ISA² programme  − European interoperability solutions

The aim of the ISA² programme is to support the development of digital solutions to modernise the public sector and make it more effective. The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency coordinates Norwegian participation in the programme.

By employing the ISA² solutions, public authorities can strengthen interoperability between different IT systems and ensure that services flow seamlessly across borders and between different sectors, public agencies, private companies and citizens alike.