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About the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency

The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (Digdir) is the primary tool of the Norwegian government for faster and more coordinated digitalisation of its public sector. Digdir is subordinate to the Ministry of Digitalisation and Public Governance.

Digdir Headquarter in Oslo
Foto: Digdir

The Norwegian government aspire for the public sector to become a global frontrunner in digitalisation. Achieving this goal involves collaborative efforts and the provision of shared services to establish a unified digital public sector.

To accomplish this, it is imperative for the government, municipalities, and the entire administrative system to collaborate with the private sector and voluntary organisations. This collective effort will harness the potential of digitalisation and seize opportunities it offers, in order to create a more digitally advanced society.

Digdir's role is to steer development in the direction that best serve the community.

Our mission and vision

Digdir's societal mission is to serve as the government's foremost instrument for expediting and harmonizing the digitalisation of society. This is encompassed in Digdir's vision: “Together for a simpler digital everyday life.”

Main functions

  • Contribute to development and implementation of government ICT policy.
  • Setting the agenda for digitalisation and comprehensive information management.
  • Driving innovation in the public sector and having a special responsibility as a facilitator for effective collaboration among stakeholders in the field.
  • Coordinate cross-cutting digitalisation measures.
  • Strategic planning and further development of a comprehensive digital infrastructure for the public sector.
  • Coordinate and drive preventive information security efforts in the public sector.
  • Promote plain language in the public sector.
  • Develop digital services for citizens, municipalities, and businesses.
  • Operation, management, and further development of shared components and solutions.
  • Supervise universal design of ICT.
  • Digdir participates in several international projects.

The organisation

Digdir employs around 330 individuals, stationed across our offices in Brønnøysund, Leikanger, and Oslo. The organisation comprises four main departments focused on specific areas of expertise, in addition to two staff and support departments.

Moreover, Digdir also houses a supervisory authority dedicated to ensuring universal design in the field of information and communication technology (ICT), which operates with an independent and distinct role.

Practical information

  • Norwegian Digitalisation Agency’s organisation number: 991 825 827.
  • Telephone number: +47 22 45 10 00.
  • Address: Post box 1382 Vika, 0114 Oslo, Norway