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The Nordic-Baltic eID Project (NOBID)

The Nordic-Baltic eID Project (NOBID) is a collaborative arena for innovations enabling access to national digital services to users from other countries. Countries involved are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden.

e-IDs remove border obstacles

Your electronic ID (e-ID) can identify you for services in other countries. Here’s how.

NOBID addresses two issues in particular:

  • Online users should be able to utilize an eID from their home country to identify also for digital services in other countries
  • Access to civil registration numbers for citizens of the other countries when appropriate for digital cross-border service provision.

The Nordic Council of Ministers is project owner and Norwegian Digitalisation Agency is project manager. The project period is from January 2018 to December 2020.

The Nordic-Baltic Ministerial Conference on Digitalisation in 2017 adopted a ministerial declaration promoting cross-border digital access to national public services. NOBID is an initiative in the wake of this declaration. Read more about the Digital North Conference (2017).

The project logo with the text "Borderless access to digital services"
Grafikk - mann som holder et kort

Online authentication of citizens from other countries based on a national eIDs issued in their home country. This is a primary “door opener” for cross border access to digital services. e.g. registering for studying abroad, registering for work permit or moving.

Grafikk - kvinne som holder strektegnede personer i hånden

Cross-border access to national person identifiers. At the Nordic-Baltic Ministerial Conference on Digitalisation in 2017, the ministers agreed to facilitate cross-border digital access to national public services. The Nordic-Baltic practice of assigning a lifelong number to all citizens is unique, and making this information available for service providers in the other countries is important to facilitate this ambition.

Mapping of Nordic-Baltic trust services

“Digital trust services” includes electronic signatures, security certificates and similar, essential for the trust in online services. Study on Nordic-Baltic Trust Services by proud engineers provides insight and overview of the Nordic-Baltic “trust services landscape”.

The Nordic-Baltic eID project, NOBID, monitors and facilitates the regional implementation of the eIDAS interoperability network. Views expressed in this report are those of the authors. They do not necessary reflect the views of NOBID nor those of the Norwegian digitalisation agency.

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NOBID Metadata Project. Lessons learned

A service concept for secure and efficient exchange of security keys between national eIDAS nodes has been successfully demonstrated by a NOBID project.

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EU unveils plans for uniform digital wallet for ID

Podcast:The European Commission is June 3rd 2021 proposing a new and significant step towards a common electronic ID to be used across borders. Interview with Senior Adviser Mr. Ronny Khan, Norwegian Digitalisation Agency:

The NOBID Resource Group is made up of appointed representatives of the eIDAS implementation in the participating countries. For up to date information on the Resource Group, please contact the NOBID secretariat:


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