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Peppol BIS er ei delmengd av Peppol. Peppol BIS spesifiserer korleis e-Procurement informasjon skal utvekslast gjennom Peppol-nettverket.

During the development of Peppol it became necessary to correct and elaborate specifications related to some entities, simply because the underlying specifications that formed the basis for Peppol’s various software elements lacked sufficient coverage. In addition to extending the specification, the Peppol project also developed detailed guidelines and implementation instructions to further assist implementers of Peppol elements.

These implementation guides are called Peppol BIS ("Business Interoperability Specification").

The Peppol BIS provides a set of specifications that enable communication of e-Procurement information through the Peppol network. The specifications enable any organization to exchange information electronically ensuring that legal and business processing requirements within the European Union and the EEA2 are covered. BIS supports common and typical business processes used by most industries. It enables users to issue business messages (such as invoice, orders) designed to work in a cross border setting.

The BIS defines a set of information elements (business terms) and business rules to ensure that requirements are fulfilled and to clarify any option that would otherwise be left open to implementers to decide on.

BIS also provides policies that describe and explain the use of identifiers (party, address and various codes).

The scope of BIS

The BIS does not support data that is specific to certain industries or data that might be required in other domains outside the e-Procurement domain.

Trading partners can bi-laterally or within a trading context, provide additional content and rules to meet their specific needs using a BIS as the baseline for further customizations. This would require the designation of a new unique CustomizationID in order to separate it from the regular CEN BII or BIS transaction.