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Studying in another Nordic-Baltic country / Improved cross-border digital services for studying abroad in the Nordic and Baltic countries (CBDS-Study)

Studying abroad Student mobility and attracting international students are priority areas for Nordic-Baltic cooperation on education. The CBDS programme aims to enhance this cooperation, strengthen student mobility in the region and increase the attractiveness of the Nordic and Baltic region. It will achieve this by streamlining administrative processes, fostering seamless exchange of student data and by giving students easy access to digital services for education. Examples of digital services that this project will support include the submission of initial applications for public tertiary education, requesting academic recognition of diplomas, certificates or other proof of studies or courses, and applying for study grants and loans from public institutions. The project is headed by Finland and managed by the Finnish Agency for Education.

This project will:

  1. Identify the key parties, data repositories, data exchange requirements and possible administrative and legislative challenges, and create a project plan based on the Baseline study analysis and the needs of Nordic and Baltic partners.
  2. Define together use cases and share practices of data management, interoperability, governance and cooperation.
  3. Establish functional and sustainable solutions as a handbook of cross-border data exchange of educational credentials (PoC).
  4. Test and pilot the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) among selected project partners in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Borderless future of educational data exchange

The CBDS study-project has published a video in which key take aways redarding CBDS-study from the "Handbook of cross border data exchange" are presented. The video provides an overview of the Handbook of Cross-Border Data Exchange from the perspective of educational credentials.

Contact information for the project
Project manager: Riikka Rissanen, The Finnish National Agency for Education