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Identity Matching in the Nordic-Baltic Region

In April 2023, a call for tenders to award a contract for an analysis on identity matching in the Nordic-Baltic region was launched. For this call, Civitta Eesti and SK ID Solution delivered the winning bid.

The report resulting from project will identify and describe present national barriers related to identity and record matching, which inhibit the provisioning of online services in the SDGR, and for service provisioning in general.

Their report will further map the availability of relevant data and provide best-practice suggestions to the overall region as well as national administrations, policy makers, and relevant projects of the Cross Border Digital Services Program on how identity and record matching can be implemented across the Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Nordic-Baltic region has been proactive in creating a regulatory environment for trust services and ensuring that people can use their own national electronic schemes to access public services of other EU countries. However, there are shortcomings to the full implementation of the eIDAS regulation and identity matching. Winning this tender from the Nordic Council of Ministers is a great opportunity for SK ID Solutions to contribute towards the full implementation of the eIDAS Regulation and the Single Digital Gateway Regulation in our region. We believe that our experience and expertise will be instrumental in addressing these challenges and supporting the region in achieving its goals.

2023 CBDS Seminar

At the 2023 CBDS Seminar, representatives from Civitta, SK ID Solutions, and NOBID presented their results and findings from the projects. A workshop for interested audience was held as well.

Identity Matching CBDS Seminar
Illustration from the 2023 CBDS Seminar
Mathilde Riou


In May 2024, the final report "Identity Matching in the Nordic-Baltic Region" of the project was published.

Read it here.