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The Norwegian Resource Centre for Sharing and Use of Data

The Norwegian Resource Centre for Sharing and Use of Data works to promote the sharing and use of data by sharing knowledge and contributing to the development of legislation that promotes digitalisation.

We officially opened in September 2020 and work at the intersection between law, technology, business and public administration.

The Resource Centre is a learning environment and a competence bank for the entire public sector. Our work is based on user needs and input from public and private bodies.

The Resource Centre is an advisor when legal challenges linked to data sharing arise, and develops guidance material on general challenges that apply to multiple stakeholders.

Our aim

The overall aim of the Resource Centre is to contribute to an efficient and effective user-centric public sector that utilises data and data sharing to create better services. The Resource Centre will facilitate innovation, development of services and value creation through more extensive sharing of data between public sector bodies, the private sector, academia and civil society organisations.

The legal framework and interpretation of it is identified as one of the obstacles for data sharing. A key principle is that public sector data should be shared when possible, and protected when needed. Through legal interpretations, the Resource Centre will work to identify and promote the legal room for maneuver for data sharing. We will also work to expose barriers and facilitate legal development that supports the political goals on digitalisation.

Our team

The Resource Centre consists of a multi-disciplinary team with law, IT and social sciences backgrounds. We are currently eight full time employees, with an additional colleague working 25% for the Resource Centre while completing a Ph.D in law on the use of AI in the public sector.

What we do

Some of our main tasks include:

  • Developing guidance material on roles and responsibilities when sharing data between public sector bodies.
  • Developing guidance material on digital-ready legislation as a practical tool for those who write statutes and regulations.
  • Developing guidance material on the legal framework for sharing different types of data, showing the legal room for maneuver.
  • Responding to public consultations on new legal proposals.
  • Initialising and managing cooperation between relevant bodies on issues such as how to comply with the Schrems II ruling by the ECJ.
  • Contributing to the work on seamless services and life events.
  • Contributing with legal advice on data sharing to public and private entities.

Contact us

Most of our work is unfortunately not translated into English. Should you have any questions or would like to know more about our work, you are welcome to contact us by email.