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Study on Nordic-Baltic Trust Services

“Digital trust services” includes electronic signatures, security certificates and similar, essential for the trust in online services. Study on Nordic-Baltic Trust Services provides insight and overview of the Nordic-Baltic “trust services landscape”.

Mapping of Nordic-Baltic trust services

The “trust service” notion has its origin in an EU regulation, Regulation (EU) 910/2014 on electronic identity and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market. This is a legal act on European level that has been progressively established in the whole EU/EEA area. The regulation is shortly named eIDAS.

The intent of the regulation is to facilitate secure and seamless use of digital services across national borders in Europe. The regulation defines several supportive electronic “trust services” for this purpose. This include among others, electronic signatures, time stamps and security certificates.

The Nordic-Baltic eID project, NOBID, monitors and reports on the eIDAS implementation. For this purpose, NOBID invited to an international tender in April 2020. The job was awarded to Proud Engineers OÜ from Estonia.

The report provides overviews of policy and regulatory context in eight countries - Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. It describes trust services relevant for cross border access to public online services and their use. Barriers and enablers to cross-border use of trust services in and between the countries are analysed. Facts, information, and data is as of September 2020.


The views expressed in the report are those of the authors. They do not necessary reflect the views of the NOBID project nor those of the Norwegian digitalisation agency on the subject

Reference information

Title: Study on Nordic-Baltic Trust Services

Authors: Hille Hinsberg, Kaspar Kala, Laura Kask, Andres Kütt

Publication year: 2020

Availability: Public. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged